How IT started for me

Some of you may know my “on-line” handle that I’ve used since 1980.  I’ll only give you a hint that it’s based on the first computer I used that my wonderful father bought me:  The Tandy Color Computer   It used one of the first operating systems that Microsoft had written, and had a whopping 4k of RAM.  I spent way too much time cutting my teeth on it, but I did manage to learn how to program in BASIC.  The last of the Tandy computers I used was a Color Computer 3 .  I eventually ventured to a IBM compatible 80286 12MHz machine that I bought with funds from working as a landscaper for a summer. I recall relating how fast a computer was by how fast a Dir(ectory) command would display the files.  After the 80386 machines, that was no longer feasible.  😉


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