Home sale update

We received the inspection results and it was mostly small things. Strange thing happened though; I went over to the house to check
on the pool, and was greeted by a green pond complete with Wilma. Fred and Wilma, two mallard ducks adopted our pool as a great place to cool off during the summers. They have been visiting us for about four years now. We've not seen Fred in about a year, but Wilma has been there every time I've gone back to the house to visit. I waved to Wilma before entering the pool, since she's shy about visitors.

In any case, I started mixing a batch of our algae-consuming toxic elixir and treated the water. The pool pump was struggling with the load on the pool, so I went to backwash , I noticed something strange. There was PVC shavings all over the pump and upon a closer look, someone had replaced some PVC piping. I also noticed they changed the direction of the pool outlets, and pointed them up
which would cause the deep end not to get a good mix. A hot day with poor water movement and bad balance of chemicals is a recipe for algae growth. I called our agent and told them although I appreciate someone fixing parts, I didn't want anyone on our property until they own it. It's a liability issue; if someone were to drown in the pool for example, I would be liable. I couldn't believe the buyer felt he had the right to make changes to a property he didn't own.

We're making a counter-offer on the inspection repairs. Once this is hashed out, and we get a Ballwin and Laclede inspection we are good as sold. In addition, the buyer asked to move the date up almost a week, which is good for us.

On the flip side, at our new house, it seems our A/C unit is running almost 24-hours, even after a new coil was installed that our "home warranty" paid. grrr…


1 thought on “Home sale update

  1. Hey, Rob, glad to hear you did receive a contract and things are movin’ … we’ve certainly had our candles burning.

    We got back last evening from a family gathering in Boise and it was super to find your blog updates and know what’s shakin’ … will keep the candles burning.

    Don’t like the story about the pool … like the fact that the inspection doesn’t seem to have resulted in too much stuff for you to fix or pay for … like that the closing got moved up (let’s get that sucker sold and you guys movin’ on.

    And really excited abt your sound mixing op in St. charles … how cool is that

    Love to all,

    Julie and Don oxo

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