First Arena Gig

As some of you know, I’ve been mixing professionally for many years now.  I’ve started mixing for a local sound company; and my second gig was at the Family Arena in St.Charles for the Localpalooza.  It’s the first time I’ve mixed with an array flown speaker system (see photo below) and in such a large venue.  I honestly have to say, it took me much longer to get “in my groove” since the room was so large – it took me a while to “filter” out the sound of the room itself.  But by the second act, I felt comfortable and I received a lot of compliments from other sound professionals who were there.  It was a great time.  I also took many photos from the gig I’d suggest skipping towards the end of all the photos, since the better shots are from later in the night when the larger bands played and they used the entire light show.  It was fun 😉   They will do it again next year, I’d suggest you check it out.
Cheers all!                                        


If you look real hard there’s my elbo on the MIdas FOH mixer:              Line Array Speakers

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