update on the sale of our old house & things

We had an exciting moment on Friday, it seemed someone was going to put a bid on our house.  They backed out the next day for some unknown reason.  <grumble>  It's been on the market for 30 days now; we replaced the carpets and painted the main living area to a more neutral color a little over a week ago, so in my mind it's only been on the market for that long.  We'll see what the future brings.

 We had a wonderful time this weekend with friends and family celebrating the holiday.  I hope everyone enjoyed their break as well!


1 thought on “update on the sale of our old house & things

  1. We’ll share your grumble and raise you. Don’t you just hate it when your hopes are raised, then dashed! We’ve got our “Find a Buyer for R&P’s House Candle” burning and sending many poz vibz in that direction.

    First holiday in your new home … how rewarding that must have been. We appreciated Pam’s invite yesterday and would love to have joined you all. Were having a holiday get together with our neighbors and when they left it was too late to join you. Raincheck!

    Sell Geremma!

    Love, Julie & Don

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