Needing new tires?

The tires on my car are getting worn, so I decided to find a replacement.  I found an interesting site for comparing tires ratings at  This is based on survey information from consumers, but they also have reviews etc.  I found that my EOM tires are not rated very well at all (click on the link above, and the tire type to see the headings for the columns below)

Michelin Energy LX4 9 75% 5.6 6.4 6.8 7.1 7.8 7.4 5.8 5.5 5.2 7.7 7.7 6.4 2,484,790

A little research at the Acura forum, were suggesting the Pirelli.  So I checked the specs from the site:

Pirelli PZero Nero M&S 2 97% 8.3 8.6 8.6 8.7 9.0 8.7 7.3 6.0 6.3 8.6 8.6 8.2 8,069,763

OK, so it looks like a great tire.  So how much?  would you believe it's actually cheaper by ~$60 a tire?  Same tread wear etc.  Who would have known?

 So this falls into my "I love the Internet" because so often I save money, I get better products based on the USERS of the products.   


3 thoughts on “Needing new tires?

  1. I know this site offers quality depending articles or reviews and extra information, is there
    any other website which presents these kinds of things in quality?

    • I’m retracting a portion of this. Don’t buy this from them. Use the info from the site, but don’t buy from them ever. I’ve had 4 out of 8 tours go bad, they don’t cover mounting and balancing, and you have a hard time getting folks to even accept a b valid claim. No one available after hours or weekend, you have a flat, you are screwed. The 80 I saved going through them is long gone.

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