We’re moved!

A special thanks to Trent, Aaron, Bob, Eric, Joe A, Mike, Joe V, Alice for all their help getting all our stuff moved to the new place.  It was quite the experience – between down-bursts of rain, to getting the truck up the driveway at the new place.  Oh and a piano that had a fit moving.. 

 We're still getting used to the new digs, I'm sleep deprived trying to get everything going..   The biggest problem I've had is with not having internet connection.  Charter hasn't steped up to the plate to fix the problem – so far my experience with them has been less than stellar, but it's all that is available here.

 Thanks again to all that helped, it was VERY much appreciated!

1 thought on “We’re moved!

  1. House looks great! By the way I think I’m the first to post a comment on “A day in the life of Presson…”


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